By smaresca


                     CANNIBALIZE YOURSELF!

Breakaways understand that the essence of reinvention is not to predict the future.

Instead, it is to create it!

There are three types of people.

  • Those who make things happen.
  • Those who watch things happen.
  • And those who ask, ”What happened?”

The breakaways make things happen!

You are a breakaway!

You are continuously willing to tear down your current creation, however brilliant, and to begin again from scratch.

You cannibalize yourself because you are willing to abandon everything that you have done before.

You have a deep sense of restlessness with the status quo, the way things are.

The ability to reinvent yourself will be the difference between market leadership and oblivion in the twenty-first century.

Restructuring means becoming smaller.

Reengineering means becoming better.

Reinvention means becoming different.

In the same way, the butterfly is not a better caterpillar.

It is a different creature!


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