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BREAKAWAY BRILLIANCE 5 (Business) STAGNATION IS OUT!  INTRAPRENEURING IS IN! If an INTRApreneur is an entrepreneur inside your company, then creative lateral thinking is the oxygen that they breathe. How do you become an INTRApreneur? You simply keep asking “Is there a better way to do this?” and “What is the next thing that I […]


BREAKAWAY BRILLIANCE 4 (Business) CORPORATE CULTURE The key management issue in the twenty-first century will be corporate culture.  This means: “The way we do things around here.  The way we treat each other.  The way we treat the customers.” No longer will it be enough to differentiate yourself on product or brand alone. Instead, you […]


BREAKAWAY BRILLIANCE 2 (Business) THINK LIKE A TIGER! In the twenty-first century, the secrets of yesterday’s success will guarantee your failure tomorrow. What got you here, will not get you there! You are now entering “terra incognita” – unknown territory. There are no maps. Your business life will be non-linear, discontinuous, and unpredictable. A leads […]

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Focus or Fold

Inoculate Against FTD! Today! So the market’s stunned and the credit taps have been turned off. So what are you going to do about it? The choice is clear. FOCUS! or FOLD! We are in the middle of an epidemic of FTD! STD stands for “sexually transmitted disease” FTD stands for “financially transmitted disease” Both […]