Sergio has had and continues to have a fantastic life!

The secret of his success is that very early on in his life, Sergio discovered his life calling and passion as an educator. This calling has provided him with opportunities to travel, work and live all over the world.

With his thirst for knowledge, Sergio obtained an honours degree in law, and degrees in modern languages and education from three high-ranking universities. This led to his teaching of Italian, law and economics in England before then becoming the Head of The Department of Modern Languages on The International Baccalaureate Programme at the prestigious Collegio Viaro in Barcelona, Spain.

Sergio then emigrated to Australia where he taught Italian and Spanish at The Institute of Modern Languages at The University of Queensland and also became Head of The Department of Modern Languages at The Southport School (TSS) on the Gold Coast of Queensland.

At the age of 41, Sergio left the security of tertiary and secondary education, and followed his passion as an educator, in the international commercial world.

For over 30 years, he enjoyed spectacular success and became a world-ranked international multilingual, motivational speaker and business consultant and an author of several books.

He gave inspirational business presentations to international conferences and multinational corporations in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. On the international business speaking circuit, he was known for his unique expertise in dealing with “corporate psychopaths”.

Sergio is a Fellow of The Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders. For many years, Sergio has continued to incorporate volunteering in hospices, nursing homes, schools and prisons, into his busy speaking schedule.