Al Ries, U.S.A. | International speaker & best-selling author of “Focus”; “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”; “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding”

“Sergio is one of the best motivational writers and speakers in the world today. He is on the bleeding-edge.”

Noel Roberts, Australia | General Manager Radio 4BC

“Sergio will show you how to “breakaway!” from paradigm paralysis, to think outside the 9 dots, to “break the china”.  His life mantra is “to find out what everyone else is doing, and then not do it! Sergio is blessed with irrepressible spirit and a dynamic energy. It is awesome watching him at work, transmitting his power to others.”

 Jim Sutherland, Australia | Managing Director, Mister Plywood Group 

  “Sergio is able to break away from his competition because he is dynamic, inspirational, unforgettable and consistently gets the results that you desire. Sergio will absolutely ignite your conference. ”

 John Lazarou, Australia | Director of Public Relations and Co-Owner of The Coffee Club Group.

“Sergio is The Maestro! – a world class, absolutely brilliant and passionate motivator who will light a fire underneath you and your people.” 

Mike O’Hagan, Australia  |  Owner of MiniMovers

Sergio is an outstanding speaker for all people – his messages are practical. I’ve never left one of his presentations without ideas and solutions to improve both myself and my business. In fact, I’d say that no-one ever leaves without a benefit.”

Peter Graham, Australia  |  Managing Director of Allied Brands Ltd and Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.

“Sergio Carlo Maresca is one of the most exciting and challenging speakers that I have had the opportunity to experience and have no hesitation in recommending anyone take some time to hear what Sergio has to say.

His “Breakaway!” concept is so pertinent not only for success in business today, but also for success in your personal life ( an area often overlooked). Sergio teaches how to use this “Breakaway!” concept to significantly improve your business and grow it into a dynamic and powerful organization.  Not just another “motivational” speaker, Sergio’s passion, coupled with such inspirational, high-substance content, make for a presentation like nothing experienced before. Our organization continually finds new reasons for Sergio to visit our team!”  

Diana Stowers  | Manager, Group Sales Development

“Sergio added absolute magic to our conference simply by being very different to the typical business speaker and motivator. His ability to challenge comfort zones and to hold the attention of participants is second to none.  If you are looking for a keynote speaker who will custom-design his presentations to your unique specifications and needs, then Sergio is the answer.

 A copy of his international best-selling book, “Breakaway!” allowed our people to take Sergio “home” with them to continue learning with the master.”

Craig Williams, UK  | Director, Charterbridge.

I have listened to, and employed many motivational speakers in my corporate life and have found Sergio to be a breath of fresh air in his approach to the challenges we face every day.

His ability to provoke attitudinal changes in people is remarkable.  Sergio is the author of the best-seller “Breakaway!” and I would recommend him to any organization that needs a catalyst to break away from the pack. I look forward to working with him again.” 

Vince O’Rourke, Australia  |  Chief Executive Queensland Rail

“Sergio is charismatic, thought-provoking and inspirational. His presentations have great intellectual substance and precision, and overflow with real-life case studies. He initiates state-of-the art in all that he does.”

Dr. Neil Flanagan, Australia   International speaker & best-selling author of “The Management Bible” and “Blink!”

“Sergio is without doubt – the world’s speakers’ speaker.”  

Richard Mackinnon  |  Director Bennison Mackinnon & Associates

“It has been my privilege to hear Sergio Carlo Maresca speak on several occasions and I believe he is a true Master presenter.  He commands total attention from his audience as he compels you to listen with your conscience and subconscious thoughts, helping to produce a master plan forwards.”

Don Thomason   |   Associate Director J.J. Richards Pty Ltd.

“My first opportunity to listen to Sergio was at a presentation sponsored by The Australian Institute of Management, called Creative Customer service. This became my first “Breakaway! Sergio experience”. His thoroughly professional and entertaining presentation of real customer service was a million miles away from my expectation of “Answer the phone within 3 rings…Yes sir. Yes sir. Three bags full.. Blah, Blah, Blah.

His passionate approach to his topic inspired me to blend many of his techniques into my own approach to management and ultimately customer service. I can personally attest to the success of these techniques. They are simple to adopt because they are based on honesty and integrity, and simple things like “the making and keeping of promises”. It is surprising how much these qualities are absent from modern business. On the other hand, it is not surprising to see many modern businesses failing without them.

Sergio has worked with great success with our management teams. All members agreed that Sergio provided the “Breakaway!” experience required to kick-start their people.

I have listened to many speakers from both Australia and overseas, and rate Sergio as the most informative and entertaining. His research ranges from the newspaper stand to top corporate offices. He can relate his message to any level.”

Christer Sjostrom, Sweden  |  Chief Executive Queensland Rail

“Sergio is The Maestro! – a world class, absolutely brilliant and passionate motivator who will light a fire underneath you and your people.”

Brian Tracy, USA   |  International speaker & best-selling author of “Maximum Achievement”, “The Psychology of Success”, “Advanced Selling Strategies”, “Success is a Journey”

“Sergio is among the world’s leaders in performance improvement.  He will change your life and business.”  

Patrick Dixon, Australia  |  Director, Patrick Dixon Executive Lease

“Many speakers motivate your staff at their seminars but by the time the staff arrive back at work the excitement has gone and the same person with the same skill is back on the job. Sergio is unique. He educates individuals how to live life with integrity and spiritual values, which makes them happier, and therefore more productive team members.

Sergio teaches the foundations of a successful life; the balance needed and tells us the price that has to be paid. No quick fix, no overnight millionaires, but delivers an achievable blueprint for a fortunate life. Staff are empowered by his teachings and tangible results are evident immediately after his sessions.

Although results from Sergio’s seminars are instant, the costs can be amortimised over the long term because the benefits are continuing. Better teamwork, more focused personnel, happier customers are all a byproduct of his training.

An insight into Sergio’s philosophies can be gained by reading his best selling book “Breakaway!” This book shows you how to differentiate yourself from competitors by using high process and content sales techniques. It is as equally relevant for high level management as it is for your sales team.”

 Steve Green, Europe   |  Managing Director CSI Europe.

“Introducing Sergio into your life and organization will release “The Breakaway!” from within.

He will inspire the true potential in those desiring growth and development to be realized, so much so that your life and your organization will achieve bottom line performance like never before.”

Rod Hockey, Australia   |  General Manager, WIN Television

 “We’ve all been to motivational talks before……but Sergio Carlo Maresca is a “Breakaway!” from the rest.

 Sergio taps into the minds of the clients in the room and tailors his presentations to meet the needs of the real people he is talking to. Sergio not only challenges you and your people to “Breakaway!” from the comfort zone of your work and personal routine, he shows you how, and then gives you the tools and the encouragement to do it right now…not in some long distant future.

 Sergio is a “Breakaway!” because he knows how to connect…He talks to the guests at the presentation – not at them. He has an incredible ability to make even the most cynical of guests let down their guard and accept what he has to offer, and for the enthusiastic listener, he takes you to the next level of understanding.

Sergio is inspirational, energetic, intelligent, and most importantly human. He lets his audience into his life, making it possible for them to connect and absorb what he has to offer.

 Sergio creates energy rather than uses energy. I walk away from his presentations, ready to take on the rest of my life, by reaffirming my personal and career goals. He is unforgettable!”

 Evan Davies, Australia   |   General Manager, The Cairns Post.

“Break away, (a) to free oneself… as from restraint…(d) to move away from a crowd…(h) to remove oneself with effort from undesirable contact or influence. The Macquarie Dictionary, Third Edition.
Sergio Carlo Maresca, in his international best-selling book, “Breakaway!”, not only fulfills the dictionary’s definition, but goes beyond the simple questioning of currently held personal and business paradigms. This work, like his conference presentations, is dynamic.

I would challenge anyone reading one of his books, or attending one of his presentations, not to find themselves treading a new, more productive, more satisfying path, both personally and in business. Whether you and your team experience his wisdom face-to face, or through the pages of his books, get set to crash through the psychological debris and baggage that occur as everyday life obstacles.

There is no doubt that Sergio Carlo Maresca is on the cutting-edge of management, sales, customer service and personal development. He is a truly genuine educator and motivator.
To meet the challenges of the 21st century, business needs to make a “difference” and “breakaway!” Maresca is the first step on the way to achievement.”

Michael Williams, Australia   |   Managing Director, Reliance Manufacturing Company

“Sergio Carlo Maresca will light up your conference and ignite the souls and passions of your people.  He is cutting edge-content, process and substance, and will give your people practical strategies to “breakaway!” from your competition in business, and out of the comfort zone in their personal life.  He is an international best-selling author and a world class speaker and trainer.  What distinguishes him from his peers, are his passion and enthusiasm, combined with a very powerful intellect and loads of practical experience! He is truly world class!”

Tom Potter, Australia   |  Managing Director, Eagle Boys Pizza.

“Sergio Carlo Maresca is on the bleeding-edge of keynote speaking and corporate training in the world today.  This dynamic author of the best-selling book, “Breakaway!”, will show you how to “breakaway” from the pack of your competition, without price discounting.

Sergio’s powerful, high-content presentations on peak performance in management, sales, customer service and personal development, ignited our national conference and launched it into orbit!
We bought a copy of his book “Breakaway!” for each delegate to take away with them. It is brilliant value-for-money.

What makes Sergio different from, and head and shoulders above his competition, are his ability to custom design his presentations to the exact needs of your conference and company, and his passion, high-content, practical down-to-earth strategies, substance and depth, and his philosophy, of finding out what everyone else is doing, and then not doing it!  If you want to “breakaway!”, then “breakaway!” with Sergio!”

Hume K Campbell, Australia   |   Managing Director, Riverside Marine

 “We at Riverside Marine have employed the services of Sergio over the last 6 years.  The question needs to be asked, why did we select Sergio?  Well, we found we needed an inspirational person to come and join our team who would give absolute loyalty and confidentiality in the machinations of what we have attempted to do in the last 6 years. In that time Sergio has been an active ingredient in having our people look outside of our previous areas of operation and helping us expand from Brisbane through to Northern Queensland, The Northern territory and Western Australia.  Why the difference?

Sergio has been able to bring his intellect, enthusiasm, happiness and breadth of spirit to the various team members in our organization. We recommend him to those organizations that want to find a facilitator who is challenging, not like the norm, and who will jolt some out of that complacent attitude that does prevail in every organization.”

 Max Williamson, Australia   |  B. Com; MBA

“Sergio is unsurpassed as a communicator. In a simple and passionate way Sergio encourages you to “Breakaway!” from the norm.”

 Lorraine Marshall, Australia   |  National Marketing Manager Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services

 “Sergio is a keen intellectual and can use a good brief to develop a passionate delivery customized to the uniquely specified subject matter that you require to be presented.  I have used Sergio with several styles of application.

We commenced with a session with the cynical centre retailers at Carindale Super Regional shopping centres where Sergio successfully motivated merchants to “breakaway!” from their old paradigms and improve their bottom line. It was amazing. They came in and sat with their arms folded, and then were soon caught up in the “Sergio magic” that he weaves. The true indicator to me was that they each shook his hand as they left and thanked him for the knowledge he imparted.

Caught up in the “Sergio magic” myself, I recommended that we use Sergio to train our corporate staff at our National Jones Lang LaSalle conference. Sergio wowed the team with his intimate and passionate approach and delivered a message that was “line-ball” with our corporate strategies. Several directors questioned if he was “for real”, and our Managing Director commented that he had been in deep discussion with Sergio and that he was “the real kahuna!” Needless to say, we bought a copy of Sergio’s best-selling book “Breakaway!” for each member of our team. It is a brilliant and real value for money long term investment.  

Sergio’s love of life and people and desire to share all with his audience always manages to entice even the most obstinate and immovable characters to look inward and “Breakaway!” from the pack.”

Dr. Apichart Branjerdporn, Australia   |  President The Counselling Association of Australia

“Sergio is truly remarkable. I have never seen anyone make such a lasting impression. He totally had the audience in the palm of his hand. They were hungry to have something more. He pushed his powerful thoughts to the limit with great spiritual insights which give him a uniqueness and a competitive edge. His best selling book “Breakaway!” is the reality of this remarkable and warm hearted man. I have certainly had a life changing experience by knowing Sergio, listening to him, and reading his book.”

Franz Donhauser, Australia   |   The Hyatt Regency Hotel Group

 “If passion is the key to success, then Sergio is the keynote speaker whom you should be looking for!”

Arthur W. Le Febvre, USA   |   Executive Director, The Waterless Printing Association of America

“Sergio’s motivational skills are so effective that we invited him to speak at our first international congress held in the United States. Afterwards, our audience quality improvement survey revealed that his compelling seminars earned the highest ratings of all the sessions held during the three day event. Sergio Carlo Maresca helps us smash the barriers we all face in our personal and business lives. Whether you experience his wisdom face-to face, or through the pages of any of his books, prepare to sweep away the psychological debris from the obstacles you face in everyday life.”

 John Parche, USA   |   FAShN Inc.

 “Full marks to the dedication of this incredibly passionate and gifted man, and his marvellous communication abilities. Sergio is absolutely brilliant!”

Alan Morris, Australia   |   State Director for Queensland Federal Department of Employment, Education and Training.

“Sergio Carlo Maresca provides the spark which lights the fire of motivation and enthusiasm in his audience. He has a masterful understanding of human frailty and self-doubt, and an extraordinary skill at tapping and unlocking the latent talents which all too often are buried by frustration and disappointment. His work with our management teams has been the keystone of re-energizing and refocusing the management of our organization. There are some people who can make a difference… Sergio Carlo Maresca is one such person!”

 Trevor O’Rourke, Australia   |   Managing Director, Global Sports Tours-Australia

 “”Sergio is absolutely brilliant-on the cuttingedge! He is without doubt the best keynote speaker in the world today. On the sporting field of life, we all need coaching. Let this inspired, passionate man share his time-tested principles with you and your team.”

Brian White, Australia   |  Chairman, Ray White Real Estate.

“Sergio’s contribution to our conference was outstanding. He gave a dynamic presentation, keeping our audience spellbound with his personal insight into the human spirit. With feedback like “sensational!”…”the highlight of the conference”, not only could we all relate to his own personal experiences enduring many personal hardships, but his triumph in the face of adversity. He brought a new perspective to the way people approach their business. For Sergio, we have nothing but praise.”

Kerry Daly, Australia    |   Managing Director, The Rock Building Society

 “I know of no other corporate trainer who can make a more dramatic impact on the mindset of employees and senior executives. Whether it be sales skills, personal development or change management issues, Sergio’s presentations are powerful and relevant in the quest for building a better business organization. His unique style ensures that his message is both memorable and entertaining. I’ve adopted many of his proven success strategies for many years now, and they’ve worked for me.”

 Tony O’Shea, Australia    |   Managing Director, CSI Pacific

“Sergio Carlo Maresca has a unique skill of simplifying business down to basic human issues. Very rarely, do you come across someone who can have such an impact on an organization, by capitalizing on the untapped skills, capabilities, and desires of its existing people, which when focused will take your company into a new dimension. His new book, “Breakaway!”, introduces you to the way businesses must operate to meet the demands of the next millenium.”

 Eileen M. Byrne, Australia    |   Emeritus Professor of Education, The University of Queensland

 “To listen to Sergio, is to receive empowerment and inspiration combined with realistic practical guidance on how to move to the cutting-edge in business and in management. His products and his lively and wide-ranging presentations are unusual in demonstrating that when practical visions for constructive and effective change in business and commercial practice are rooted in an appropriate spiritual and ethical base, economically efficient outcomes are most likely to follow. Sergio is not only a dynamic speaker- he is an inspirational experience.”

Michael T Craner, Australia   |   Manager Quality and Employee Services Caltex Refineries

“Sergio’s greatest qualities are his passion for life and his passion for people. He is able to connect to people because he has established effective internal connections of his own. This latest book, “Breakaway!” is a further demonstration of his ability to make a difference.”

 Ian Lynagh, Australia   |   Ph.D Sports Psychologist Consultant to The Australian Institute of Sport

 “When Sergio shares his wisdom with us, it is simple in its profoundness and profound in its simplicity. Sergio Carlo Maresca invites us on our own journey of enlightenment. He confronts, he challenges- but most of all he shares his passion to be fully human and relentless in the spiritual journey. This man’s process of personal growth is the essence of his work.”

 John H Tyrer, France   |  Emeritus Professor of Medicine Member d’Honneur de la Societe Francaise de Neurologie, The University of Queensland

“This man, Sergio Carlo Maresca, has the most fantastic imaginative approach to the whole of life. His business seminars are state-of-the art, cutting edge! Hang on to every word…!”

Warren Black, Australia   |  The Marketing Oasis

“Sergio Carlo Maresca has been both a supplier of quality training and a friend for several years. I know him to be a stimulating and earnest man, committed to stirring the hearts and minds of people all over the world through his own unique efforts in speaking and training. I am sure that readers of his books will be infinitely encouraged and enriched.”

 Lester Crombie, Australia   |   Managing Director, Queensland School of Film and Television

“Sergio is one of those people who combines charm and warmth with charisma and passion. His personal communication skills go hand in hand with a dynamic and effective public presentation style. It is these attributes which I believe make him so successful as a keynote speaker and corporate trainer.”

Christopher Conroy, Australia    |   Executive Director, Oxford Group

 “Sergio Carlo Maresca – Unique! Inspirational! Motivational! Educational! Sensational! How do you describe the indescribable? Sergio’s passion, knowledge, skill and willingness to share is yours for the asking. Why not learn from one of the best?”

 Shane Doyle, Australia    |   Manager, McDonalds

“During 15 years in media management and more recently with McDonalds, Sergio’s workshops in sales and personal development stand out as easily the most memorable and effective that I have ever experienced. Sergio Carlo Maresca is quite simply the best trainer our company has ever used. His honesty, openess and extensive preparation, combined with his dynamic presentation style, will provide a training experience that your employees will never forget.”

 John Rowe, Australia   |    Business Publications Australia

 “After attending Sergio’s presentation, I can see that “there is a better way of doing this!” I have acted on what Sergio shared with his audience, and my return in knowledge and outcomes, greatly outweighs my time and investment. Everybody in business needs to spend time with Sergio Carlo Maresca.”

 Neil Cooper, Australia   |   News Corporation

“Sergio encourages people to define, develop and go for their goals. He has the methods, knowledge and remarkable presentation skills to inspire people. Great benefits have come to both myself and my company, as a result of our association with Sergio Carlo Maresca.”

 Alec Linning, Australia    |   Ten Television Network

 “Sergio Carlo Maresca-who else could provide such an excellent training session? It left our senior management and line management with such a buzz, that the performance in our company’s output reached an all time high. Sergio leaves you feeling great and wanting to get on with the job with new enthusiasm.”

 Garry J Court, Australia   |  General Manager Australia Air New Zealand

“Sergio Carlo Maresca can transform any audience. He certainly provided us with the unforgettable world class energy our conference was seeking. He has a passionate commitment to the ongoing challenge of self-improvement. His thoughts and words can transform.”

  David Childs, Australia    |   Chief Executive, The Variety Club of Australia

 “Sergio Carlo Maresca is a world class success in his field. This passionate man leaves you with a great sense of purpose and self-esteem. He must be listened to.”

 Nick Scott, Australia    |   General Manager, 92.7 MIX FM and 91.9 SEA FM

“Sergio truly lives the word PASSION every single day.”

  John C Bartlett, Australia    |   Managing Director, JB Corporation

 “Sergio Carlo Maresca is in a class of his own- the Pavarotti of keynote speaking.”

Gary Tapiolas, Australia   |  Managing Director, Fitlink Australia and International

“Many of the world’s greatest authors in personal and business development possess one or two of the following qualities…insightfulness, succinctness, well researched, ability to inspire, to create change through provocation, wisdom, humility, and powerful literary skills. Sergio possesses all these gifts to rank him amongst the best. His message will be responsible for creating change to all the facets of your business and personal life. Don’t miss this man. He is state-of-the art!”

  John Perrottet, Australia   |  Managing Director, Perrottet Pacific

 “Sergio Carlo Maresca is absolutely brilliant and world class!”

  John R Green, Australia   |   Managing Director, Sportsway Leisure International

“Sergio’s books are a must read if you want to keep ahead of the pack.”

  Bob Bishop, Australia   |  Managing Director, Ericsson Business Phone Centre

 “Sergio will tell you that if you are not on the cutting edge, you are taking up space! He is utterly brilliant at what he does. His presentations will light a fire under your people!”

Chris Brooks, Australia    |   Director,  Philip Morris Limited

“Sergio will have your people on the edge of their seats. His workshop and conference presentations are absolutely brilliant and world-class!”

Derek Duffill, UK   |  Managing Director of Energ Pic U.K.

 “Sergio is a truly world class, gifted, keynote business speaker and corporate trainer, who will take your people, your corporate culture, and your bottom line, up to the next level, again and again! I have seen him change lives and businesses in the United Kingdom.”

Brian Tracy, USA    |   International speaker and best-selling author of “Maximum Achievement”, “The Psychology of Success”, “Advanced Selling Strategies”

“Sergio is among the world’s leaders in performance improvement.  He will change your life and business.”